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Posted by on Sep 13, 2016 in Advantages and Disadvantages, Automotive Industry, Washing Car |

Tips for washing your car like a professional

Tips for washing your car like a professional

Washing a car is something a lot of people enjoy doing on their own, especially in the summer. Also, it helps you save money you would spend in a carwash. However, if you do not do it properly, you may not only end up with a job poorly done, but you can even damage your car. This is why it is important to follow some guidelines when washing the car yourself.

 Advantages and disadvantages of washing a car yourself


42166538Washing a car on your own has good as well as bad sides. When it comes to advantages, it saves your money, since paying for car washing can be rater expensive (depending on the treatment you choose). When you do it yourself, you can spot if there are is any damage on the car. washing detailing car topIf you ask some of your family members to help you, you can do it quickly and it can be lots of fun, too. On the minus side, it can be time consuming, especially if you have persistent dirt to remove from the car. Also, if you do not wash the car properly, you can damage the paint. In order to avoid all the negative aspects of DIY car washing, make sure to follow our guidelines.

What to do?

First of all, prepare everything you need for washing the car. This includes the cleaning products as well as the tools such as bucket, sponges, gloves etc. When it comes to the cleaning products, make sue to use those that are specifically intended for washing the car. Using household cleaning products can be counter effective, since it can damage your car’s surface due to chemicals.

cropWhen it comes to the process of washing, focus on one part at the time. Begin with cleaning the inside, and then clean the outside. This way you will stay focused and use the right products for the interior and the exterior of your car. Lastly, always dry your car’s surface well and apply a coat of wax. This way you will protect the car’s paint and save it from harmful external influences.

What not to do?


Even though washing a car in summer is fun and chilling activity, avoid doing it during the hottest part of the day and under direct sunlight.

This way the water dries faster and leaves the stains on the car’s surface, which pretty much ruins your effort. Also, do not apply the wax when the surface of the car is hot, either from the sun or the long drive. The wax will run and it will be more difficult for you to apply it and polish the car.

cera-per-auto_ng2Then, do not place the dirty sponges and cloths in soapy water. Clean them with water first, and then dip them in soapy water. This way you will clean the car better, but also prevent the dirt particles to damage the paint.

Last, but not least, do not use cleaning products which were not intended for washing cars. Other cleaning products can leave the stains or even damage the car’s paint. Also, make sure to read the instructions and use the washing liquids and wax properly. This way you will achieve the best results and your car will be spotless.

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